Until recently, we haven't advertised our services.

We have been recommended to others via our extensive network of contacts and aircraft enthusiasts.

Retro3a products are used by discerning Antique Dealers, Restoration Specialists and Private Collectors.

Customers are as distant as Australia.

Here are some typical comments:

"It arrived today.  Beautifully made, very happy."

"Thank you again for all your help, you have been invaluable."

"I don't know where else I would have gone to get such quality parts and service."

Our philosophy is simple. Unless it's right, it won't be dispatched. 

A major film production company required two Navigator workstation lamps for the film "Overlord" (Release: Nov 2018)

Original items were not suitable for use, as irreversible damage to historical items would be probable during filming.

These items were made 100% in-house by Retro3a - and to a very tight deadline. 

Here's the feedback:

"......they're brilliant !  Thank you very much.  Everyone is very pleased with them."

This is another "generic" style of lamp. In some applications, it has the 5C/1079 style of lamp shade.  In other applications like the Shackleton and Canberra, it has a more robust lamp shade yoke and bowl-style lamp shade. 

We can reproduce either style of lamp.