Lamp Mounting Options

Special lamps deserve special bases or mounting details.

The 5C/1079 mounted on a genuine Rolls-Royce Merlin piston may well look sensational, but it's a shame to deface such a beautiful piece of aero engine excellence. 

Retro3a's solution is to offer the option of a beautifully machined facsimile piston.

Or there are other alternatives. Both the original Shackleton lamp and the Rolls-Royce Griffon piston shown here are unaltered - but reunited in a way that doesn't compromise the view or integrity of either item. Heritage and engineering in harmony.

The long mounting stem of the 5C/1079 lamp can create mounting difficulties. But there's no need to shorten it or to make unsightly or unwarranted compromises. Retro3a has elegant solutions.

The table bases accommodate the the stem with ease. As does the robust worktop clamp. The only choices you have to make are the colour and whether to use the original "D" block mounting or machined aluminium spacers instead.

All the mountings are hand finished and made to order. 

The designs can be tailored to suit your own project if required.

Further Details

Our bases can be used for the 5C/1079, Retro3a Shackleton, or your own project.

We currently offer:



NEW PRODUCT - Straight Pyramid base for the Handley Page lamp type. Larger footprint to maintain stability. Aluminium trim optional

The Retro3a Shackleton lamp does not have a long spindle, so the robust worktop clamp is more compact. 

Options include aluminium trim and a choice of colours.

The small Chart Board lamp base comprises hardwood, stainless steel and aluminium. Crafted to complement the lamp, but not detract from its elegance.

Choice, Quality and Individual Solutions. The Retro3a way.