The Short Sunderland Lamp

This lamp is a variation of the 5C/1079 design.  It is similar in concept - but the details and materials of construction are different.

There were only about 750 (S25) Short Sunderlands built.  As installed in a flying boat, the arms and fittings are brass to better resist corrosion due to maritime duty.

Retro3a received an enquiry for a restored 5C/1079 lamp.  This was to replace a similar lamp that had once been installed in a famous 1960's ocean going racing yacht undergoing restoration in Australia. The rare Sunderland lamp that Retro3a had available for restoration seemed to be a perfect match for this thoroughbred......

The interesting story behind this restoration will doubtless become more widely known when the yacht is relaunched - and she will doubtless appear at Cowes in due course. The Client came to the UK to collect the restored lamp in person.

A custom made filter and holder bezel was designed. However, that upset the delicate balance of the lamp. No problem. All Retro3a springs are custom made, so a set of heavier duty springs were designed and manufactured. Perfect equilibrium was restored. 

The restoration was more complex than for a 5C/1079. But these lamps are very special and Retro3a took the opportunity to custom manufacture various spares for future requirements.

Retro3a. Quality and attention to detail comes as standard.