Filter Bezel

They said it couldn't be done
However, "They" did not reckon on Retro3a's determination to find supreme quality solutions

We are proud to show you a pre-production C/1897 filter. Brass, of course!

The 5C/1898 filter lens is available in yellow or red 

If you think the original lamp shades are scarce, try finding an original filter !
It takes a lot of work (and special custom-made tooling) to make these

The filter raises the 5C/1079's functional elegance to a whole new level.  The glow? Warm and soothing
These will be made in batches, so please get in touch if you are interested.  A queue is already forming

Good things are worth waiting for and your lamp has been waiting for this.....

****STOP PRESS****
New batch of Filter Bezels in stock - order now!!

Oh, and you may be wondering what the shiny lamp is.  It's a custom order. Marine spec bulkhead lamps for a rather special yacht
Other versions (colours/materials/dc or mains voltage) will be available soon.  If of interest, please contact us

There's always something under development at Retro3a......