Our services have developed from an enthusiasm for restoring task lighting from historic British aircraft.

Restoration means different things to different people.

You may already own your own lamp, or you may want Retro3a to supply and restore one from our own stock, subject to availability.

Some regard the patina of age and active service to be critical.  They appreciate the battered paintwork and scars that reflect the lamp’s history.  They may want it to be rewired or modified to accept a different type of bulb.

Some may want missing or damaged parts to be replaced.  A common example is the small lamp shade on the 5C/1079 Anglepoise lamp. Originals are very hard to find because that old aircraft lamp that ended up in the shed or the house was modified to accept a larger domestic-style lamp shade and 240v bulb. Usually, the original lamp shades were just thrown away,  

Some will appreciate the history of such lamps, but would prefer their own item to be refurbished to modern standards so that it is as good as (or better than) new. 

They may want to display an elegant example of function and form that reflects their business visions and values.

Or they may be individuals who just want an elegant and functional design in their home.

Some may wish to make subtle modifications or customise the lamp to suit their own preferences.  Examples include non-standard colours and base details.

It is for the owner or purchaser to decide what is required. Our mission is to help you achieve this. 

Wherever possible, we use new old-stock (NOS) genuine parts for restoration projects.

However, some items are very scarce and we use our extensive skills and resources to manufacture superb quality reproduction items.

Those rare 5C/1079 lamp shades? We manufacture highly acclaimed reproduction items, customised to your requirements.

We continue to expand our 5C/1079 range and currently offer the following items:

Lamp shade yoke (or "spring clip") in stainless steel - powder coated, if required

Lamp shade yoke spindle in aluminium

Fibre friction washers 

Custom-manufactured spring sets in stainless steel 

All fasteners, pins and linkages in stainless steel 

Bulbholders (NOS) 

Rheostats (NOS) 

Thackray double-coil spring washers, electroplated 

Lamp mounting "D" block in aluminium 

Spindle clamp knob in tufnol or aluminium 


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