The Air Ministry Anglepoise Lamp (5C/1079)

We are interested in sourcing New Old Spares (NOS) for these lamps

We will always offer a fair price and prompt settlement

Items include:

  • 5C/1079 lamp unit (complete or part-complete)
  • 5C/2683 centre section (mounting fork)
  • 5C/2684 fixing "D" block (supports mounting fork spindle)* 
  • 5C/2688 spring clip (lamp shade yoke)*
  • 5C/2691 rheostat blanking plate*
  • 5C/2692 screws*
  • 5C/2694 side arm (2 no. per lamp)
  • 5CX/2695 centre spring*
  • 5CX/2696 side spring (2 no. per lamp)*
  • 5C/2698 shade tube (supports lamp shade yoke)
  • 5C/2700 fibre washers*
  • Middle arm (number unknown)
  • 5C/3608 Lamp shade*
  • 5C/1897 filter bezel* 
  • 5C/1896, 1898 & 5CX/4858, 4859 colour filters*

* Reproduction item available ex-stock

Aircraft Task Lamp Types

The 5C/1079 style of lamp type was installed in several different aircraft, including:

  • Avro Lancaster & Lincoln
  • Vickers Wellington
  • Short Sunderland (brass version)
  • Short Stirling 

Other aircraft had different styles of lamp installed. Serial numbers may include:

  • 5CX/4856 (HP - e.g. Halifax)
  • 5CX/4857 (HP - e.g. Halifax)
  • 5CX/5136 (Avro Shackleton)
  • 5CX/5137 (Avro Shackleton)
  • 5C/1550 ("Clipboard" Lamp)
  • 5C/1551 ("Clipboard" Lamp)

Our stock is constantly changing and has included all of the above types and more (e.g. lamps for Flying Fortress, H-S Dominie, Canberra, modern jets.....).

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