The Retro3a "Searchlight"

Here at Retro3a, we like to mix traditional and modern design 

We like form to (elegantly) follow function  

Quality and craftmanship comes as standard, of course

This is the Retro3a "Searchlight" range:

"Searchlight 2" features two of our Retro3a "Shackleton" lamp shades

"Searchlight 3" features three of our Retro3a "Lancaster lamp shades (with original MOD bulb holders)

This design allows you - not the Designer or Manufacturer - to decide where you want the light to fall

Classic and modern design in functional harmony

Lamp Details

Each lamp is hand made and finished to your specific requirements by Retro3a

Construction details include:

  • Upper body can rotate by up to 180 degrees, approx.
  • Lamp shade mountings can be rotated independently
  • Lamp shades can be tilted independently
  • Powder coated finish
  • Brushed aluminium trim
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Plug-in mains/12v DC adaptor 
  • LED bulbs 
  • Runs cool. Safe and energy efficient

Order-specific options include:

  • Colours 
  • Cabling colour (2 core twisted & braided fabric)