Retro3a usually has various Navigator Lamps (and other types of lamp) available for sale.

Yet we rarely advertise them. Why is this the case?

Typical initial questions that we're asked include "how much is an Air Ministry 5C/1079 lamp?" and "what are they worth?"

But as you can see from this website, there are many options regarding the finish and specification of the lamp and how it is mounted.  The reality is that very few orders are the same.

These are the details that we take the time to agree with you and then quote accordingly.  We strive to deliver exactly what you want.

The many testimonials and repeat orders we receive indicate that this is the only route to true Customer satisfaction.

Retro3a is not competing with markets like EBay.  We focus on taking the time and trouble to deliver a personal and high quality service.

And because we know what to look for, we can often see why other lamps may appear to be a bargain.  But perhaps aren't.......

So if you have a specific type of lamp in mind, please get in touch with Retro3a.

We would be happy to discuss options  and costs with you.